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CloudPAYit is digital transformation and payment security

CloudPAYit is digital transformation & payment security

Simplify Payments – Improve Supplier relationships – Evolve into a Profit Center

Automate the following:


  • File transfer to make the payment.
  • Receipt of confirmation that the transaction occurred.
  • Reconcile payment information in our portal.
  • Single banking transaction.


Improve Supplier Relationship

  • Supplier Portal to setup suppliers for payment.
  • Validating banking information to prevent from fraud.
  • Options for suppliers to manage their cashflow.

Become a Profit Center

  • Suppliers cash programs that create revenue.
  • Rebate opportunities.
  • Self fund CloudPAYit operation.
  • Priority Professional Services hours.



We validate your payments while identifying opportunities with your suppliers.

Pay all your suppliers from a single platform

We provide the best payment  methods and delivery to benefit both buyer and supplier.


We do all the work for processing secure and accurate

Improved Supplier Relationship

CloudPAYit manages exceptions and supplier communication and support.

benefits we offer

Reduced costs

Reduced costs by eliminating manual, paper-based processes

Security at every stage of the process

We ensure security at every stage of the process

Improve control and cash management

Improved control
and cash management


Pay it

Strategic method of payment

We strategically identify who to pay and the best method of payment. A dedicated service team onboards suppliers through multi-channel campaigns. We take care of any payment issues, resends, refunds, change requests, and supplier inquiries.

card it

Increase your revenue share and more...

Increase the rate of virtual card acceptance within your supplier base. Minimize the need to sell and engage by preemptively sending card payments to known acceptors.


Get paid faster. The simple way to free up cash

With lengthy payment terms and tight credit, it’s time to rethink payments. With RequestIT, you can get paid on demand for the goods and services you provide.


Turn payments into cash

Discover a new source of liquidity, with traditional sources of liquidity constrained, imagine the possibilities that come with transforming your payables into a cash opportunity.

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